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Empowering Vision Board Workshop

In today’s negative energy climate sometimes it is impossible to stay positive, never mind plan for the future. Social Media has become a war zone. Instead of getting “friend” requests we have trolls filling up our notification lists. It’s no wonder anxiety and depression are so prevalent in our society. In the US 1 in 10 people are on Anti-Depressive medication.. and that jumps up to 1-4 within the middle aged women bracket. Anxiety medication is even higher. It’s thought that about 1 in 5 Americans use some sort of mind altering medication… and that’s just the legal stuff.

We have to start to look within for the answers instead of zoning out. We have to look at our diets, our habits, our thoughts.. we have to learn to be mindful of ourselves.

You’ve heard that you are responsible for your own life. That you can create the world that is best for you just by thinking about it… but you can’t really wrap your brain around it. You’ve heard of vision boards and maybe even tried your hand at making one.. or two..but never really manifested the life you dream of. In this workshop I use basic vocabulary and logic to explain the “magic” of manifestation. As a certified integrative life coach I use many tools and modalities to help you come to terms with your hopes, fears, and blockers to help you design the life you dream of and a vision board to lead you in the right direction.





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