Women’s Empowerment Coaching

Why Women?

Women are the heart and soul of this world. They are the mothers that kiss the boo boos. They are the sisters that teach their brothers empathy. They are the daughters that make grown men believe in fairy tales. They are literally the life blood of everyone. Women have so much strength and power yet they have no idea how to access it or how to focus it.

images (5)We have been raised to put other’s first, and that’s great. If we didn’t risk our lives and comfort there would be no more babies in this world. Pregnancy is a nightmare and labor… come on! We have sleepless nights and sore breasts. We get peed on, vomited on, bitten. We get the back end of the stick, and we love it, because we know that we are doing what’s best for our kids. We know that every snuggle and smooch makes our life complete.

But here’s the thing. We forget the oxygen mask theory. We forget to take care of ourselves. We forget to take care of each other. From the time we are tweens we learn to think of each other as “frienemies”. We fight over men. We fight over cheer positions. We feel a constant need to compete, and not in a healthy way like men do in football. We are happy when our girl friends gain weight. We are happy when our boyfriends treat us better than theirs. We are just happy at other’s misery. This should go completely against the grain. This should go against those motherly instincts to protect the ones we love, but unfortunately when we look outside ourselves we suddenly compare ourselves to everyone and everything we see.. and we take it as a personal offense if anyone has something that we don’t.

I work with women everyday to help them remember how to love themselves. To pamper themselves, to understand their feelings, and both give and get love in this world. I remind women to put on their oxygen masks, and to create a healthier life: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. When we complete ourselves, we are much more able to make a difference in the rest of the world.