Women’s Empowerment Speaking


Bullying is completely getting out of control. What used to be considered a right of passage has turned into a horror show with 7 year old’s now taking their own lives to get away from the torture, and bullies actually killing their own victims. I am an Integrative Wellness and Life Coach who has spent my life combating the bully mentality. I talk to children about not just asking for help, which is extremely important, I talk about download (11)standing up for themselves without putting anyone else down. I talk about how we all have fears and insecurities and I help to open the eyes of the bullies themselves, by showing them that I understand the fears that they are experiencing as well. No one thinks they are the bad guys… most bullies are they themselves trying to fit in. I talk to the children about inclusion…. I share real life stories form people that I have met and how their bulling affected them… and that in the end it always gets better.



This country is out of control. There is just no other way to put it. Whether you agree with his politics or not, we have a President who, on tape, admitted to assaulting women and people just laughed it off. We have Senators who are fighting tooth and nail to take away women’s reproductive rights, and I’m not just talking abortion… they are talking about defunding health screening, pre-natal care.. and obviously birth control.┬áThen there is the 635979932776740172-1857384619_feminsim 5-9whole topic of equal pay for equal work, and don’t even get me started on the extremely LIGHT sentences of convicted rapists. As a Integrative Wellness and Life Coach I am fighting back. I am talking to as many women, mothers, grand-mothers and even men as I can to help them find better ways to take control back. We are not weak. We are not idle and if we get all work together we can make America safe for women… not again.. but once and for all!


Finding Balance in Your Life

How many people spend all day at a job they hate? Working a third or more of their life away trying to pay for things that they need instead of doing things that they want. How iStock_000015280582Small-e1320609497881many parents can’t make their child’s game, or play or concert because they have to work late… but they are doing it for their family? Everyday people wish that they could make changes. That they could somehow become more than they are, do more than they do, and live their lives in a way that feels right. Well, I introduce people to a new way of thinking. Using quantum physics and the Law of Attraction I help them understand that it is within their power to follow their instincts and to live as their true self.