When getting the wrong advice can make you sick.

Health coaching is about helping people understand their options. Teaching them about the way food breaks down in the body, and making sure to keep them motivated and ready to make the changes that they need. If a person has a medical problem they should be referred out to a medical professional. You can still continue to coach and keep them on target, but you must stay within your wheelhouse, or you could cause more harm than good.

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When did it become OK to push people?

Is there anyone that Trump hasn't offended, belittled, or betrayed? Any why is this so acceptable? Why is it that the F**king President of the United States is still being heralded for being a callus bully? And why would anyone be OK with their children growing up to think that he is something to aspire to be?

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The Law of Attraction explained in real terms

Some people don't like the idea of the "Law of Attraction". They feel that it seems to woo woo crazy and supernatural.. but I have a question. If I just said the phrase, "You accomplish what you work on" would you think that crazy? The Law of Attraction is all about creating what you think… Continue reading The Law of Attraction explained in real terms

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Feminism creates Supergirls

Cat Grant actually says straight out that they are women, and have no need to "lay it out and measure it". That they are capable of handling things in a much more civilized manner. That it is the day of the women, and even references the T-Shirts. I, personally, love Cat Grant and all of the strong women on this show.


Mother’s Day “Treat”

You don't realize that a treat is seeing your son's face light up when you have a race into school because you can keep up with him. A treat as a mom is hiding in a crevice for hide n seek that previously you couldn't fit. Being able to carry the giant child that your baby has become up the stairs without getting winded. All of those things are treats. A stack of pancakes.. that's just a distraction.

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Trump “It’s Complicated”

I have never in my life seen a person who is so incapable of taking responsibility. I have never seen anyone that is so quick to cast blame at anyone or anything but themself. I have never seen anyone who just lies for the sake of making themself feel better. I have never seen anyone who needs to toot their own horn and pat their own back at the expense of other. I have never seen anyone so clueless about the way the world works... and I could never have imagined such a person in office.


The energy behind change is in your head

The problem with any change is that it takes action... major action. Even small changes take major action, and our self identity doesn't want to make those changes.. our identity is what it is... if you don't believe me... listen to yourself. Actually listen to the things that you say to yourself when you're trying to go through a change... and ask yourself if you would use the same words with someone else if you were trying to encourage them to be better.

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Mind your children

Imagination... it's like a mythical thing in today's world. Kids don't need to pretend.. they have devices to do it for them. My son doesn't need paints he has an app for that... If we really want to help our kids grow into strong, successful, intelligent people... we need to let their brains actually grow and form... and work.

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What do you mean by pro-life?

Most people think that Planned Parenthood is an abortion clinic and that's all they do there. When there is discussions about birth control people start a tirade about how they don't want to pay for other people to use their tax dollars to abort babies as a form of birth control. There is a post going about of people calling PP and asking them about pre-natal care, a service that is not provided at most locations, and therefore assumed that there is no other services that women need.