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When does the joke cross the line?

Some people were completely horrified that anyone could even jokingly do anything like that to a child. Others found it in severely bad taste as babies are dying almost everyday under the same circumstance, and yet others thought that the neigh-sayers were just "snowflakes" and needed to get a sense of humor.

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It’s time to fight for ALL women

I read an interesting blog recently about how women shouldn't use feminism to "stick it to other women". In the same sense it shouldn't be used to put down men. I have a son. He is only four years old but he is sweet and wonderful and has not quite figured out the difference between a boy and a girl. He understands that "mama doesn't have a winky" but unless he's looking in everyone's pants it's a tough way to explain that to him.

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It’s called a vagina

I can't believe this is even a thing that I have to deal with. I have a son, and it never occurred to me that this would come up. When my son was a baby we called his penis his "winky". It was just a cute name that I didn't think much about. It's like… Continue reading It’s called a vagina

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Who disrespects women the most?

In the last year women have come out of the woodwork with marches and petitions and new groups. There is a whole new women's movement which is blaming men for not treating women well and not respecting women as people... then they go onto social media and berate other women. Maybe we should look in the mirror before we start blaming other groups for our being held back.