I love my fitbit!

I started really trying to get healthy a few months ago. After my father died from Diabetes I was a mess for a bit and couldn't really concentrate on anything. After about a year my brain started to defog and I could think rationally again. That's when I made the decision to make sure Diabetes… Continue reading I love my fitbit!



We are a country obsessed with size. The size of our TVs, houses... unmentionables.. and mostly our dress size. This is completely skewing what it means to be strong and healthy. I saw an article on Facebook about a guy who was outraged that his girlfriend's "XL" top fit him just fine when he normally… Continue reading #healthybodyimage


What happened when I stopped drinking coffee

Everyone keeps writing about the health benefits of giving up coffee... so I tried it. I yelled at my kid 2. I didn't get off the couch 3. I hated my boyfriend It was the hardest 2 hours of my life! In actuality coffee isn't bad for you. It's full of antioxidants and great for… Continue reading What happened when I stopped drinking coffee


The sad reason my Facebook friends list is dwindling

I was just casually scrolling my Facebook feed when I saw it again. Another friend had a heart attack. Thank God he is fine, but it amazes me how often I see those post roll past. I'm only 40. My friends are only in their 40s and yet there it is, "I'm fine now, but… Continue reading The sad reason my Facebook friends list is dwindling

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Dieting is Making us Fat

It sounds contradictory, but the reality is that people don't usually diet to get healthy. They diet to lose weight. They diet to look better. They cut calories and entire food groups out of their DIET. They switch to artificial sweeteners and low fat options all in the name of "eating better". They forget that… Continue reading Dieting is Making us Fat