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Work it Girl!

No one wants to "do the work" anymore. When you look at the check out line magazines, the random ads on the internet or TV, or a million books in the bookstores and they are all "get..... quick". It doesn't matter what it is. Get rich, lose weight... find the perfect man. It's all about the here and now moment. 

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The educated vote is going down with the Dinosaur.

I had an interesting conversation with a Trump supporter today. She said that she wasn't worried about all the horrible things that he says because she doesn't think that they're going to happen. Really? So, you're glad a person who wants to take food and healthcare away from children, women, and elderly is in office because you're pretty sure the Democrats won't let it happen?

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Children need to learn to be by themselves.

We need to remember to let our children's brains work and develop, to slow down and connect to the real world. They don't need to be constantly told what to do and what to think. They don't need constant stimulation. They need to be happy being with themselves. I know lot's of adults who need that too.

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What’s your excuse?

We all have them? What's your excuse for not doing what ever it is that you want so desperately to do? What is your excuse for not asking for the raise, for not asking out that hottie, for not losing the weight, for not being happy?

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I Wonder when a Woman’s movie will just be a movie?

We are all working to have a world without limits. A world where no one feels less than or left out for their sex, and let's not even get into the Transgender and where they fit into this argument. I wish a woman could just come out in a movie.... and it would just be a movie.