Taste the rainbow!

OK, I may get a little flack on this one, and I'm alright with that.I'm sure you've all seen the post about the┬ámom who was "snack shamed" for sending her kid to school with Oreos, and I get that as parents we have the right to feed our kids what ever we want. But here's… Continue reading Taste the rainbow!


Please pass the bread

I was at a wedding last weekend and I was sitting next to a friend of the bride's that I remembered a few years back was on the chubby side. Now he was REALLY SKINNY. I could just tell by looking at him that he had made dramatic changes to his eating... but not necessarily… Continue reading Please pass the bread


How do you talk to yourself?

I had an interesting conversation with a friend recently. This is one of those friends who is an amazing person but has extremely ow self esteem about everything. He's the type who loves to make self deprecating comments and jokes and thinks that he doesn't deserve anything good. We were discussing my 3 year old… Continue reading How do you talk to yourself?


It’s so not my fault

So... it's official. I have a thyroid condition. Ugh... I've never had a "condition" before. At least I never knew that I did. Apparently my records indicate that I was tested a decade ago for hypothyroidism, but the doctor never told me or did anything about it. Anyway, now I have it and now I… Continue reading It’s so not my fault