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What do you think about a better life?

Self talk has to be one of the most important things that we do to and for ourselves. A lot of people poke fun at affirmations or positive thinking. They think it's a woo woo science and that it's all just a gimmick. Ironically it has been widely recognized that emotional abuse to a child… Continue reading What do you think about a better life?


That’s not bullying.. that’s assault!

This is not a typical whiny old person rant... I am dead serious. What is wrong with kids today. I just read an article about a 10 year old boy who was set on fire by one of his classmates. SET ON FIRE!!! How does that happen? Who in their right mind thinks that it's… Continue reading That’s not bullying.. that’s assault!


The Obesity Business

The interesting thing about the new Lane Bryant's ad is the models they chose to use. They are trying to promote that big is beautiful, and I get that because that's their business, but the funny thing is that they only used one really big woman, a woman who is famous for playing a really… Continue reading The Obesity Business