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When did victimhood become a goal?

Have you been on social media lately? If you haven’t, good on you, stay off. If you have you have probably seen the new trend of young people proudly exclaiming their mental illnesses. Everything from depression to turrets to being a furry is a new “identity”. Everyone has AHDH. Everyone is on the spectrum. Everyone has some sort of depression or anxiety issue.

The crazy thing (no pun intended) is that these people aren’t talking about the struggles that they have and how they overcome these problems with hard work and patience. They are not reaching out for help, or giving advice or inspiration to other’s on how they too can better themselves under these conditions. They are literally telling other people that they have to change their behavior to comply to the mental illness.

People have stopped trying to take responsibility for their actions. People are no longer looking to find ways to contribute to society despite whatever shortcomings or obstacles are in their way. These people are actually telling everyone else in society that problems are the most important thing about a person and that if you don’t have a major mental illness or a major tragedy in your history then you have no rights at all.

If you are a person who has a mental illness or tragedy in your life and have worked hard to overcome, and have made something of yourself then you are an even worse person than the person that never had any problems to begin with. It’s like you are a traitor because you managed to better yourself and being a regular society contributing person is the same as being a Nazi or a KKK member. It’s somehow hateful to those with disabilities or some kind of troubled past.

Victimhood is the new super power. Instead of Captain America or Superman the new heroes are people who medicate themselves into oblivion and yell at anyone who dares live their life without catering to the every whim of self declared victimhood. It’s sick, and we need to stop placating them because it isn’t good for them, and it isn’t good for society, and it sure as Hell isn’t good for the future.

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