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Just Celebrate Yourself

People seem to hate Valentine’s Day. It’s either a couple, usually the man in the couple, complaining that they don’t need a commercialized holiday to tell his sweetie that he loves her, or it’s a single person complaining that it’s just a day to remind them that they are lonely. Everyone hates Valentine’s Day.

Personally, I agree that no one should need a day to remind them to show their loved one that they love them, but with divorce rates what they are maybe people need a little more reminding. You can love your spouse, significant other, bae (is that still a thing), but are you showing them that you love them?

One of the biggest complaints in marriages that lead to divorce is that one or both parties feel taken for granted or like the spark is just gone from their relationship. All-in-all they just don’t feel loved. Now imagine that you’re in that relationship in which you feel taken for granted and your loved one says, “I don’t need to be told to love my wife”. Maybe you do. Maybe everyone needs a reminder that they are loved and appreciated. Days go by quickly; then weeks; then months. The next thing you know it’s been a year and you haven’t had a date night. You haven’t had alone time. You haven’t really been “loving” each other.

Valentine’s day give you an excuse to forget everything else. It’s the excuse to your boss, “sorry, I can’t work. If I miss Valentine’s Day, my wife is going to kill me.”. It’s a reminder to pay just a little more attention to your love. Maybe even get that little bit of attention you’ve been asking for, but she’s had a headache since your birthday. No one says that you have to shell out cash and buy her candy, or flowers. No one says you have to make it a commercialized day. You can make her dinner if she always cooks. She can watch that movie with you that she always rolls her eyes at. Making it commercialized is almost a cop out.

The next time you roll your eyes at the thought of Valentine’s Day. A day literally designed to show your appreciation for the one you love, just remember how much energy you put into a Football game you weren’t playing last week. Which is really more important to you, and which one is really about commercialization. There’s a whole culture around Super Bowl COMMERCIALS.

And, for those of us who are alone on days like this it is important to remember that being alone isn’t a punishment. Being alone is a great time to get to know yourself and figure out what you want in your life. You can take yourself to your favorite restaurant, watch your favorite movie, put on your favorite music and dance around your living room in your undies… leave the curtains drawn and you’ll see lots of people who want you. Just saying.

Me, I bought my 8-year-old son a Reece’s PeanutButter Cup teddy bear, that he appropriately named Reece, and a blue raspberry gummy remote control that he licked for breakfast because he didn’t want to “ruin it”. Later today I may even take him out for dinner for some quality mom and son time. Because Mondays aren’t just for yelling about homework. Everyone needs to know they are loved.

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