Body Bullies

I don’t know why society has turned to shaming as their favorite past-time. I don’t know when it became the “in thing” to degrade other people but that is all I see on social media ALL THE TIME. It’s like the internet has created an entire society of mean girls.

gymjam (1)I was talking to one of my friends and he said that he was wanting to get in better shape. He’s in his 50s and in the last few years has just kind of let himself go. We were discussing different ways that he could get more exercise and he was hesitant to try anything because he was afraid of what other people would say about him.

That was the most ridiculous thing I had ever heard. He was afraid to get in shape because people would make fun of him for not being in shape, but sadly it happens all the time. Why is this ok? I’ve seen articles from other people, mostly women, where the same type of body shaming has happened and it makes me scratch my head. Are they shaming the fat┬áperson for being fat or for trying to fix their behavior? I feel like this only happens with people who struggle with their weight. If an alcoholic joins AA no one shames them for doing so. No one shames a gambler for trying to change their habits. Why on Earth would someone shame anyone for wanting to get healthy? I can just imagine if they tried to quit smoking… the snide remarks must just fly.

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