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Crazy Mother’s Day in Lockdown

As everyone knows, last Sunday was Mother’s Day. The day that mom gets to get pampered. She gets breakfast in bed, and flowers, and candy, and taken out to dinner and little handmade cards from the little people she created and carried in her own body and has given up every second of her life to since.

HAHAHA! Most of us get half eaten toast that we have to clean up after. And we love it. We love that our kids even kind of acknowledge that we deserve something for all the things we do for them.

A couple weeks before Mother’s Day I started seeing posts in my feed about “Remember dad’s the schools aren’t going to be helping your children make cards this year. It’s all on you”. I thought it quite amusing that the internet understood that most dad’s have no idea that the holiday is coming, never mind that they may have to do something about it.

My son’s father, unfortunately, is no longer with us. It’s just me and my son.. we are our own little team. I bought myself a little mother’s day present. His school has a collaboration with to have all of their artwork published onto the site and we can order products with their actual artwork printed on it. I bought myself a couple pieces of jewelry, and I bought his grandmother, his father’s mother, a little wooden plaque.

I thought that would be the end of my Mother’s Day celebration… until the day came and my son asked one of my friends to take him to Target. They put on their masks and walked the isles. He didn’t really know what kind of books I read, or what sized clothes I wore so he he bought me snacks. He bought me Ghiradelli Chocolates, fruit and cupcake. He also bought me the most beautiful garden flower decoration. I was so shocked and proud by his choices.. even though he did eat all the cupcakes himself and told me how much more I like fruit anyway.. he is 7 after all.

For our celebration, knowing we couldn’t go anywhere, we ordered in takeout and watched The Indiana Jones series. It was actually quite nice to just sit and snuggle on the couch. For a Mother’s Day in quarantine.. it was probably one of the best ones I’ve ever had.

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