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Whoopi another person cancelled

I really don’t know when this became a thing. People are literally not allowed to have conversations or be wrong. It’s amazing how not only does Freedom of Speech mean nothing to anyone anymore, but neither does human decency.

First the world went on a tirade against Joe Rogan. Joe Rogan who is the most respectful, mild-mannered celebrity probably in existence. That may have to do with his love for pot, but the point stands. Joe Rogan has made a career, a very successful and well-loved career, by simply having conversations with people. That’s it. He lets people talk and he listens and gives his opinions on what they are talking about.

This is a man who spent most of his life in comedy clubs and fighting rings. He has met all kinds of people and has quite the “lived experience” as people like to say. They also love to say that because he was a fighter that automatically makes him an idiot, but no one creates a business like his is an idiot. People say that you shouldn’t take medical advice from a comedian. Which is true. He doesn’t give medical advice. He sits down and has conversations with medical professionals. The same people who say they shouldn’t listen to him, or his conversations are the same people who swear by Rachel Maddow’s words… last I checked she didn’t have a medical degree either. She just talks to people.

The other day Whoopi Goldberg made an ignorant comment. Plain and simple it was strictly ignorant. She had no idea what she was talking about. She only knows what she knows, and that’s fine. In her lived experience there has been no other race issue other than Black and White. That’s fine. She’s allowed to feel that way. That is what she has been taught. That is what is preached to her every day in all the other media outlets. She should not have been put on leave. She should have been educated.

People today only want to destroy. They only want to tear things down. No one wants to learn or understand. When someone makes an incorrect statement, the crowds jump on them and insult and degrade them. When someone tries to explain something that another doesn’t agree with, they’re called some sort of ist… racist, sexist… No one can just have conversations anymore.

The irony is that when Whoopi was called out and suspended from her show her response was that she thought they were just having a conversation. That sharing her opinion was what the show is all about. Which it is or at least it was originally designed as different types of women who have different types of opinions. Now anyone with a differing opinion gets shunned in the least and ostracized at the most basic level.

People seemed to have forgotten what civil disagreements are. Now if anyone says anything that they disagree with, even out of ignorance like Whoopi, they are to be punished to the full extent. This Jewish race conversation was a perfect opportunity for a teaching moment. The View should have scheduled guests on that were Holocaust survivors and/or historians to speak to the women about the reality of the time.

Whoopi’s perspective is a very common one in today’s America. People only see history and the world through the small lens of current events. Race is about Black and White. There was no White race 200 years ago. There was barely one 100 years ago. There were Colored and not Colored in America but nowhere else was that in issue, because nowhere else were there so many Black people.

Most of the world consisted of English, French, German, Irish, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Greek, Persian, Russian, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Egyptian, Libyan, Sudanese, Nigerian… and so forth, and of course Jewish who really had no home. Before that they were even more broken up into tribes within the countries. Everyone loved the movie 300. They know the phrase “This is Sparta!”. Sparta was just an area, a tribe in Greece, but they didn’t consider themselves to be part of the collective. They were their own people. Race is an ever-flowing construct. Usually based on the community that you live within. America is the first of its kind to be a true melting pot where every generation becomes more and more mixed. This is something people need to talk about.

Joe Rogan gets complaints because he lets people speak. He doesn’t take sound bites and create a narrative that supports his agenda. He has people, often from opposing sides, come in and speak together. This is something that we need more of. We need more open dialog. We need to see on more news outlets, longform conversations with people who have differing opinions on many topics. No one side is always right and no one side should have complete control over what is said.

This is the reason for Freedom of Speech. The good ideas will triumph over the bad ideas because of open dialog. People will have a chance to make their claims and give evidence to support it, hear evidence that goes against it and come to a general understanding of it all. Cancelling people who disagree with us creates an ignorant society. One in which people don’t know that the Holocaust was about racism.

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