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Americans Hate History

The funny thing about Americans is that they actually think they know History. They hear a story here and there about an event and think they understand the complexities of the world. Of course, to most Americans the world is just America and everyone since the dawn of time has had the same morality. None of which is true of course.

It doesn’t matter which side of the political isle they are on. To the people on the Left America is the worst place in the world. They had slavery, Jim Crowe. No other country ever had slaves or treated different groups differently. They stole the land from the Native Americans who all lived here peacefully until the damn white man came along and caused problems. And let’s not forget Capitalism. The worst thing to come along since… since money. It just makes people concentrate on things instead of people… and all the things that should be given to people who shouldn’t have to work. To the people on the Right America is the best place that has ever existed. We invented everything. We’ve won every war. We have better everything. Everyone wants to be us. In fact, Jesus was even American.

Of course, none of that is true. None. Slavery has been around since the dawn of time. Every group of people ever have both been enslaved and owned slaves. Every group of people has ostracized the “others” who weren’t like them in society. The African Slave trade that everyone talks about was actually perpetrated by… Africans. That was their market. You know how you learned that spices come from India? Or at least you should have. That’s what Columbus was supposedly heading for when he found America. Spices was Indias big trade commodity. Holland had tulips, China had gun powder, and Africa had slaves.

It was Africans that would run around causing wars and selling off the losers as slaves. Eventually they found it easier to just skip the war and go in and kidnap people. They had a big trade of Africans because they were the most accessible and people were divided more by tribes and countries back then, so they just stole “others” and sold them. They would travel across Africa kidnapping people and brought them to Europe or Persia to sell them. Then they would travel though Persia and Europe kidnapping people to bring them back to Africa to sell them. That was it. That was their trade.

People think that America was the only country to import African Slaves but of the whole of the African Slave trade only about 300k slaves were brought over from Africa to what was then America equaling to about 4-6% of all the Slaves sold through the African Slave trade. Most actually went to South America and the Islands… so the conclusion that it was slavery that created wealth in America kind of dies when you know that South America imported millions of slaves from Africa and their economy isn’t so healthy.

As far as 400 years of slavery, half the states in America started ending slavery immediately in the State constitutions. When people say that America was the first to end slavery that’s what they mean. The states individually started putting an end to slavery. Those states were the only place in the world where no slavery existed. As opposed to many countries in the Middle East and Africa which still have slavery today.

As for the Native Americans weren’t even native to America. They were Asians who came by way of the Baring Straight over the course of thousands of years. There were new groups after new groups coming over, killing, and taking the land away from those who were already there. There were more peaceful tribes and there were barbaric cannibalistic tribes, but they all had slaves. They all took captives of those they fought and won and made them slaves or concubines. That was the way of the world. The Europeans were just the next in a long line of peoples who came to this land and won.

The difference between the Americans and the other tribes who came over from Asia was that the Americans worked with the “Natives” to try and help them keep some of their land. People scoff at this, but how often does that happen? There are literally areas in the US designated to “Native American” tribes that the US doesn’t control. They don’t pay US taxes and they have, for the most part, their own laws. Which is another thing that I find interesting. Don’t get me wrong, I know that there were many atrocities that were done against them over the years, as with any other group, but now there’s always articles about how the US government doesn’t do anything to “help” the “Native Americans”. When they go missing, when they go hungry… and so on and so forth. Except that was the deal. That’s what the tribes agreed to. They didn’t want “The White Man’s” authority. They wanted autonomy. Kind of like the CHAZ that wanted the government to supply them with goods after declaring themselves separate from the US. That’s not how it works.

Hatred against Capitalism is the one that gets me the most. The same people that cry that they don’t make enough money to buy all the things that they want are the same people that cry that Capitalism is all about greedy people wanting money. This country is the biggest success story ever. Many other countries changed their whole way of life to copy the success of America. Millions of people risk life and limb every year to come to this country. That includes all those Africans who will be treated so badly in this racist, proslavery country.

This country was built on working hard and being strong. That’s it. If you work hard and stay faithful to your family, you will succeed. You may never be a millionaire, but not many people are. You will however have a good life. You won’t be in poverty. You won’t have to wait for someone else to give you what you need. Hardworking, ambitious people flock to this country only to hear its citizens complain that they, “actually have to work for things… that’s so not fair. Why can’t you just give me stuff? You’re already rich.”.

The people of this country have no idea what it really means to struggle. They have no idea what it was like to be that explorer or Pilgrim who set off on a boat to uncharted territory with nary a supply just in hopes to make it to a new land without dying, and then to create, build, and produce a whole new world to live in. They have no idea what it was like to be the family that packed up their cart and buggy and head out on that Oregon Trail knowing the chance of you all making it was slim. The Americans of today have no idea what it’s like to leave behind the people that they love and the home that they’ve known in hopes of a better future, not even for them, but for their offspring like an immigrant does. Americans of today don’t even want to have kids because that means they’ll have less money and free time to spend on themselves.

America is not a perfect place. Nowhere is a perfect place, but America, real America, they try.

As for the other side. No America did not invent everything. Yes most other countries that you have heard of also have electricity, heating, plumbing, internet, cars, video games, Netflix and all of the other first world things that you expect. Einstein was German, Marie Curie was Polish, Tesla was Croatian, the car was invented in Germany, the answering machine was invented in Denmark… and many more.

A lot of our constitution, in fact, was taken from Enlightenment thinkers of Europe, and brought back by people like Benjamin Franklin. The thing that is great about America is that we are a melting pot. We have a long history of not just assuming only Americans can do things. We will take the advice and expertise of the best and work with them. That’s what makes this the greatest country. Our love of doing our best.

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