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Have you lost friends to politics?

OK, be honest, have you lost any friends or family members to politics in the last few years? This seems to be more and more a common occurrence. People are incapable of disagreement anymore. They can’t have differing opinions. They can’t have their opinions challenged. They just want to live in a bubble of their own making.

Before the internet people formed their opinions about life primarily from their surroundings. Their family, friends, schools, churches, and whomever else they spent their time with. Now people get their information from invisible entities behind a keyboard. Everyone plugs into the same mainstream media and downloads the same information into their brains without ever questioning who is giving them the information or if it makes sense. They just listen and obey and are told that anyone who disagrees with the mainstream narrative is the enemy.

Thinking for yourself or doing your own research is now considered evil. You are a racist, sexist Nazi if you read something that is not put out by the media which supports one leg of the government while at the same time being convinced the government itself is also evil because there are people in the government who don’t agree with the media. It’s a cycle of ignorance being camouflaged as information.

The best way to tell that something is probably wrong is if no one is allowed to question it. Facts and people who are correct have no problem being questioned because they have the answers and understand how to communicate their point. People who are brainwashed are trained to shut down and turn away from anything that is contrary because those in charge know how flimsy their ideas are and how easily they can be turned over. If you are being told by the people giving you information that questions are not allowed… that is a major red flag.

I have lost family and friends to this ideology, and the saddest part is that they can’t even understand they are being manipulated. My brother and I have never been on the same page politically. We have always had debates and talked about the reality of topics. We both agree on the facts, but just have differing opinions about what should be done about these facts. For instance I am pro-life and he is pro-choice. We both understand that the baby is a baby. We both understand that an abortion kills the baby. We both agree that we would never want our babies to be aborted. He just doesn’t care if other people’s babies are. He doesn’t like most people in general and doesn’t care if their are fewer of them. He thinks we should be able to abort adults if they aren’t contributing to society. I guess he thinks similarly to the Canadians view with “assisted suicide”. That yes, there is a life, but no, the life doesn’t matter. I’m opposed to abortion and assisted suicide and think that all lives matter. We agree to disagree. Facts are facts and we’re allowed to have different opinions on how they are handled.

On the other hand I have 2 Goddaughters who I helped raise. They have 2 cousins that I have known since the say they were born. I have a cousin that I was always there for and even babysat over the years when we were little. All of whom disagree with my opinions on things. I don’t really know which parts, because they don’t talk to me about any of them. They just stopped talking to me. No explanation , no discussion… just nothing.

I’m the same person that was there for them their entire lives. I’m the same person that they know is not racist, sexist, homophobic or a Nazi, but they can’t handle that I have a different opinion than what the screen tells them to believe. They can’t handle that I bring up facts that they haven’t heard. In fact, one of them told me that facts were racist. She’s also a person who has a Master’s Degree, which confuses me because if facts are racist how did she get a degree? Were there no facts in her classes that she had to learn to pass?

There is a whole group of people out there that literally can’t handle information that goes against the grain. They can’t handle critical thinking. They would rather reject and hate people who love them and have been there for them their whole life than admit they may not understand something or may have gotten something wrong, or, in the case of my brother and me, that they are allowed to have different opinions about. And I feel bad for them, because they will never grow as people and will never have real connections in life without being able to think for themselves.

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