I need a new drug… or not

I am proud to announce that all of my hard work is paying off. No I am not a size 2, but I went to my doctor’s and my bad cholesterol is down FORTY points… yes, you read that correctly 40! And my good cholesterol is up 3 points. Also, though my blood pressure was never really high, it is still better than it was.

10310400-largeI have to say this feels like a huge accomplishment. Most people I have read about and come in contact with don’t bother to try to get healthy. They just pop a magic pill. Their cholesterol comes down, and they feel like they are doing so much better after. I never understood that. You’re still 50 lbs overweight, but you take medication with major side affects that could harm you, but hey… at least you can still eat pizza whenever you want and feel like crap all the time… so go you!

I have been very open to admit that my health was not always my top priority, but I have always tried to be at least a little active. I love taking my walks and hikes in the woods with my dog, but now that I have been actually up and really working out… getting my heart pumping and eating foods that make me thrive instead of just survive it’s like a whole new world.

I’m so glad that I chose this route. I know that I could have joined the masses and in-cholesterol-oil-Minnesota-St.-16125medicated myself to death. But that’s not the life I want to live. Don’t get me wrong, I understand that some medication is actually necessary. My dad was a diabetic… there was no getting around taking insulin. There are also lots of people with a genetic predisposition to things like high blood pressure, or cholesterol. My brother had a friend who’s very fit and a vegetarian and still has in the 300s… but for most of us, we need to think beyond the numbers, and start thinking about overall health. This is the only body we get. Now I’m just waiting on the results of my thyroid tests… wish me luck!

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