Anything GO should be a good thing

I am not getting the whole Pokemon-Go outrage. I see blog upon blog and meme upon meme about how stupid it is, how dangerous it is and how it should just be band! Seriously? It’s a game. Remember games? Things people do for FUN.

508800-pokemon-goParents are in an uproar because there are stories about kids breaking into buildings and houses and getting shot at or other kids not looking where they are going and walking into a street and being hit by a car. I’m sorry, how is this the game’s fault?

Remember when you were a child and you’d be playing ball in the neighborhood and you’d accidentally hit the ball into the neighbor’s house? Would you go breaking and entering into the house to retrieve the ball? No, of course not! Remember when yodownload.gifu would be riding your bike and laughing with friends? Would you not pay attention to the cars on the road because you were too busy chatting? Maybe… but if you got hit, that was your fault.. not Huffy’s.

This game is great! This game is getting stationary kids and young adults who have spent years with their ass on the couch up and moving… going outside even! Interacting with other human beings IN PERSON! Who knew that this was still possible?

In a era when Facebook and snap-chat are the only way people are staying connected. In a time when online has become the new pastime, having a game that actually gets people moving and socializing face to face seems like a Godsend. How about instead of finding fault with a product we tell our kids and friends to smarten up and be careful. Sadly, they probably don’t understand that there are factors outside of themselves because they have spent so long inside alone… it’s games like Pokemon Go that can get society back in action.. and I for one applaud the whole concept.

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