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Really, they want to cancel Dolly now?

So, apparently people are angry at Dolly Parton. Yup, that’s a thing now. Dolly Parton. Loved, andidolized.. charity giving.. women empowering.. free loving Dolly Parton. They are mad at her because she made a commercial for the Superbowl encouraging people to follow their dreams.

This is what the woke culture has become. People are angry with Miss 9-5, because she is encouraging people to create their own businesses doing something that they love. People are angry with the women who has fought back against sexual harassment literally longer than I’ve even known what it was. People are angry with Dolly Parton because she is encouraging the patriarchy.. of.. wait for it… working.

Yes, encouraging people to work is supporting the rich man’s patriarchy. Encouraging people to strike out on their own, and yes.. work, work, work is degrading somehow. I don’t know about you, but I was taught that I could accomplish anything that I want.. it I WORK FOR IT. That is literally the American Dream. The dream is not that if I whine for it enough people who have earned it should give it to me.. that’s not what makes life worth living. That’s not what gives people purpose.

This has become an ongoing phenomenon. I have noticed. People are becoming more and more nihilistic. People are losing their reasons for being in an ill attempt to prove their intelligence and their wokeness. They won’t be the sheep to follow what society has deemed to be the building blocks of a good life. What does millions of years of evolution know that they haven’t figured out in their lifetime,

We have become a society of “marriage is a trap to tie you down”, “working hard is a trick to keeping making money for rich people”, “Consumerism is evil”… “So, let’s swipe right, hook up with random people, yell at corporations that they are stealing from me because I buy all their crap, but don’t actually have any money to pay for it and have nothing of purpose to call my own.. and need an access of anti-depressents to help”

Seriously. If you were to ask anyone over the age of 60 what they love about their lives it would be their family. If you were to ask them what they were grateful for it would be their ability to work for and support their family.. that’s it. That’s what makes life worth living. Now some people have passions. They love creating art, or growing/caring for plants, making music. When you ask them what they are grateful for and they would say that are grateful that they were able to make a career in something that they love… and all of it, from the marriage, to the kids, to the job. to the passion, to the career.. all of this takes work.

If you were to ask anyone over the age of 60 what they regret you’ll hear things like, not having a family, not taking a certain vacation, not following the dreams they had for their passion.. all of which requires work. If anyone tells you that work is just for rich men… they are the ones holding you back and trying to keep success in the hands of rich men.

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