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Just because you can laugh doesn’t mean you should

Social media is one of my favorite things. I’ve not going to lie about that. I have been on Facebook since MySpace got crazy. I have Twitter, Insta, LinkedIn, GETTR…. and so on. I love connecting with my friends. I love following my favorite PodCasters and news outlets. I even love following news outlets that I can’t stand anymore, just so I know what is being said.

I am very actively involved in my feed. Especially on Facebook. I’m in my mid 40s and that’s pretty much the demographic for that site. The moms of the world buying/selling on marketplace, setting up play groups, getting family event ideas and sharing all of our picture of our kids… fur or otherwise.

I like, comment and share my way through the day. I love the new “care” feature that has been added. It’s really good for people my age who have to comment on all the posts from friends whose kids are sick, who are losing their parents, who got laid off from a job, or are getting divorced. You don’t really want to like or love those posts, but you want to react to it in some way to show that you care…. viola! The share button is invented.

The one thing that I don’t understand is how people use the laugh button. I mean it’s really very sick. Especially with all the Covid information going about. I’ve read posts about people who have been locked down losing their homes, or their kids committing suicide, or businesses burned down during the BLM riots last year…. and the response is someone laughing. Laughing at kids committing suicide because they believe that none of that matters as long as we prevent Covid from spreading.

There is always a constant stream of people being diagnosed with Covid. Some of those people have chosen not to take the vaccine, because they know that no one knows the long-term side effects and they would rather take the chance with a virus. Then they get infected with Covid, and people hit the laugh button and comment that they hope that the person dies. People are hoping that other people die because they choose a different course of action in medical treatments.

A good proportion of this country in particular, but the world as a whole has become a cult in which if a person isn’t with them, they are against them. People are hoping for the death of their friends, family, coworkers, or fellow human beings because they make a different choice than themselves. They laugh at other people’s pain and heartache because they disagree with their perspective.

All over social media there are posts about Narcissists. Everyone claims to have dated one or be raised by one or to have worked for one, and I used to think that people were just being dramatic, but now I see that it’s true. Of course, the same people who are making the claims are they, themselves Narcissists. They are angry and lashing out on their Narcissistic mate because the other Narcissist didn’t cave to their own Narcissistic demands.

No one wants to get married anymore. No one wants to have kids. No one wants to take care of their parents. No one wants to work for their own welfare. Everyone just wants to take what they feel and laugh at other’s who disagree or get in the way. No wonder drug use and suicide rates are so high. Without empathy no one can have a truly meaningful life.

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  1. I couldn’t agree more, Katrina. It’s a sad and crazy world we live in. I don’t understand how anyone can laugh at another human being’s pain and tragedies just because they either disagree with or make different decisions than them. They’re the type of people I don’t even want to know. And yes, they are narcissists. I think a lot of this is the mainstream media’s doing because they have been trying like the devil to divide everyone for the last several years. And sadly, their brainwashing is working. Thank you for addressing this widespread problem.

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