Why is Atheism Suddenly a Movement?

I was watching an interview with Ricky Gervais, and I have to say that normally I love that guy. I think he’s fabulously hilarious, but I don’t understand his need to spread Atheism. It seems like an odd thing to talk about. I mean I get that he doesn’t believe in a God and that is his right. We are allowed to believe anything we want. My problem is his need to explain to everyone that he doesn’t believe, why he doesn’t believe and try to talk other people out of believing.

StupidAtheistBeliefsSee, here’s my thing. I don’t like Football (American or otherwise). I just don’t really care for it in any way. I see people fighting over it, and obsessing over it. I see people who have their team that they love and believe in win or lose. I see people who never miss a Sunday. I see people who worship the players, and dress in their gear…. and I don’t care.

I don’t go around talking about how they’re stupid to be so hung up on a game they aren’t actually playing, or that they have no right to root for a team that has never won a championship… I just don’t care. This is not something that I spend an awful lot of time thinking about.. unless I happen to date a crazed fan and it directly impacts my life.. or I’m looking for a comparison for my article.

The truth of the matter is that I don’t care what you like or dislike, what you believe or don’t believe, as long as you don’t try to put your beliefs on me. So the new Atheist movement to me is just a new fanatical religion. They are so sure they are right that they have to convince everyone else that they are wrong. Why does it matter?

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  1. That’s a little hypocritical when proselytizing is such a big part of Christianity. Why not look into what atheists consider?How could that hurt? Your representation here is uninformed and your meme is awkwardly off the mark to what an atheist is. The fact is you claim there is a god, that there is something. I say there is not. The burden of proof is on you. Prove it. You can’t.

    1. My point was more why does anyone care what I believe and try to convince me not to. If you don’t believe that’s fine. Most atheists talk about how pushy religious people are trying to convince others of their religion… yet there are plenty of atheists who spend a lot of time trying to convince people what they don’t believe. Why do they even talk about things they don’t believe in? I don’t try to convince people to not like things just because I don’t. I just don’t think about things that I’m not interested in.

      1. There are some evangelical atheists for sure. They are frustrated at the misconceptions of atheism and the intrusive religions that run their lives at every turn. They fight for equality and fairness for everyone and Christianity is divisive and racist at its core. Waiting for Jesus to come solve the worlds problems, but when he comes us heathens will all be killed off. It’s in your roots. But we’d like to move past religion and start solving real problems undivided. And it’s hard to get there when 80% of the people believe in something that doesn’t exist.

  2. Actually Christianity is based on Jesus dying for our sins and teaching us to love and except everyone unconditionally. It’s crazy hatefilled racists and others ists that twist the word, pick and choose from the old testament and spread hate because it makes them feel better about themselves. Jesus said not to judge lest ye be judged, to treat everyone even the lesser and the sinners as we’d treat him and to love our brothers and sisters.

  3. But eventually according to your religion, god is going to dispense justice on us heathens. A lot of the Christians are praying for this. Don’t you see what is a core belief and how wrong it is. What happens generations from now and your still waiting and hoping god kills us all to give you peace. I’ll tell you. He’s not coming any time soon. This is the safest time in the history of the world to be alive. And it’s because humanists and atheists are demanding positive change and equality with christianity fighting it the entire way. Your on the wrong side of the fight.

    1. It’s because people are fighting for change. All people Martin Luther King… Christian. Ghandi… Hindu. You assume Christians are all bad. Most Christians just live their lives. Again… you can want whatever you want without trying to make people stop believing in something that brings them comfort. We don’t ask for proof. Most of us don’t ask for anything. Yet you are actively trying to stop others from liking things that you don’t just to…. prove a point? I believe professional sports are stupid. I believe they are paid way to much and treated like heroes for playing a game that most of them get hurt in… there are plenty of people who worship athletes I don’t run around protesting the Superbowl or trying to explain to sports fans all the reasons they’re wrong for believing in a team that’s never won a World Series… I just don’t care or participate myself.

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