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Moana missed my mark

I know I’m not going to make any friends with this one, but I just recently saw Moana.. ***Spoiler*** and I have to say, not impressed. Which was sad because I wanted to be. I heard it was so amazing and with all the work I’ve been doing on the quantum world and genetic personality traits.. and how certain behaviors can be passed down those around me thought it would be right up my ally.

th (2)But see those are all the reasons that I didn’t like it. The whole movie is about this young girl who braves all dangers and bounds on an adventure to save her community. It sounds inspiring. But all I saw was a little girl who had a call to the ocean that used any excuse imaginable to try to get out into the deep blue. When she finally gets her chance because the fish are gone, she gets hurt and decides it’s not worth it after-all and gives up.

Then her grandmother, tells her a story and she finds out that the ocean actually chose her for the quest.. she has no skills or knowledge, but is saved repeatedly by the ocean and basically dropped off at her destination.

And what is her destination? To find a great god to help her restore her world to it’s glory. Only the god doesn’t help her… at all. He repeatedly tries to kill her in fact until she points out that he has lost his following and if he wants to be worshiped again then he needs to help her. It seems everyone does everything in this movie for selfish reasons.

I’ll give you she did a good job with the turtle and they all come around at the end… but all in all I found the movie to be very cliche. With Frozen there was some depth to the characters. Elsa left to protect her kingdom. Anna set out to help her sister.. and her kingdom.. neither of them felt like they were the ones who mattered they did these things for selfless reasons and ended up being great because of it.

I feel like this story was written as is Hans and the guy from Weasleton were the heroes.. showing how great they were and getting power in the process. When I see heroes I want them to be winning against all odds and making hard choices for the betterment of man… not because they’re told that they’re supposed to and that they can’t fail because the ocean is doing the hard work for them.

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