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Feminism creates Supergirls

Supergirl….  the epitome of girl power in my opinion (sorry Wonder Woman) is now on the CW, and it is hitting all the demographics and is extremely political… if you haven’t seen it I highly recommend checking it out. It is based on a different Earth where illegal aliens have a whole different meaning.. but the message is the same. Most are innocent, and most are good.

images (28)This last episode was quite interesting in not only the refugee topic but in women’s issues as well. The president of that United States is payed by Lynda Carter (see Wonder Woman). A female who, coincidentally  is also an illegal alien. The flip of the script, however, is that she is all about protecting her new planet from actual HOSTILE aliens, and understands the difference.

In this last episode a bad girl alien is out to take over the planet… and yada yada yada, and she and her old pal, Cat Grant, (the media mogul that Supergirl works for) actually try to TALK to this women.

Cat Grant actually says straight out that they are women, and have no need to “lay it out and measure it”. That they are capable of handling things in a much more civilized supergirl-recap2manner. That it is the day of the women, and even references the T-Shirts. I, personally, love Cat Grant and all of the strong women on this show. The lead agent is not a man, but Supergirl’s sister (adopted). The lead cop is also a woman. There is no Lex Luthor, the main Luthors are his mother and sister. This show is all about girl power and kicking ass with compassion.

That being said, they also have strong male characters. When the show starts we join Kara (Supergirl) and her two best friends James and Winn who are there to support her. But they don’t just live in the background. They become their own super-heroes in their own way.

Though the series starts with Supergirl feeling less than to her super cousin, Superman, she gets the support that she needs from her female boss (Miss Grant), her sister, and even Lena Luthor. They don’t back stab. They don’t betray. They don’t throw each other under the bus… which would be pointless in the case of Supergirl I guess. It’s interesting to see that it takes a show about an alternate universe to give credence to feminism and equality.

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