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If we don’t help our kids who will?

When did childhood suicide become so prevalent that it needed new and more research to track the reasons why? When did life get so bad for 5 year old’s that they are actually part of this research group? And what the Hell are we going to do about it?

As you may have guessed new research has come out about teen suicides and suicidal thoughts, This research says, surprise, surprise, that most of this happens during the download (30)school year. You know, when they are supposedly surrounded by their friends and peers. When they spend the day with child development professionals and have access to child  therapists in the same building.

Yes, this is when most kids want to kill themselves. Not when they are home during the summers with their parents. This is not a case of abuse at home, or am underlying depression that seeps in.. this is torment, ridicule, and then victim blaming on top of it all.

Now, I know that bullying is almost a right of passage. It’s cliche that the big kid in school will beat up the smaller ones for lunch money. It’s almost a learning experience on both sides to figure out how to work this out. Bart Simpson befriended Nelson, and Ralphy kicked the crap out of Scut Farkus, and things were handled.

That was normal growing pains bullying that has occurred for as long as their have been kids. Now there is the internet. Now bullying is public and permanent. A 15 year old had cheerleader “friends” take video of her in the shower and posted it on social media.. that is not a little joke.. that is grotesque.. and illegal.. as she was under 18. Were the cheerleaders punished? Nope, no one wanted to ruin camp. On top of that they used the coach’s phone to take the video and the coach told her to apologize to the bullies for making a big deal about the joke.. guess what? That’s an accomplice to a felony of child endangerment and child porn. Did the school later back the child… nope… they wouldn’t even give her her transfer records, so she could leavdownload (29)e the school, unless she absolved them of any wrong doing.

Things like this are happening everyday and even when we teach our children to stand up to their bullies they are the ones being punished. I could only imagine if she decided to give them a good punch in the nose.  We as parents, and human beings, have to stop marginalizing abuse. We have to stop glorifying bullies and crappy behavior. We have to start setting a good example and teaching our children, not only to stand up for themselves, but that we have their backs… or we’ll end up burying the whole of them.




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