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Four little words from my almost four year old… that made it all worth it.

Sometimes I don’t want to work out… there, I said it. I know it’s shocking… I mean.. I have to be the only one. Sometimes I would much rather sit on the couch with pizza and forget about all my problems.24e43f106024cc11_belly-fat

But I go and I do it. Whether it be a 21 day fix on my TV at home or a boxing class at the local gym or a Zumba class at the local dance school, I just keep going. There is good and bad to both. At home it’s harder to get motivated. I can always just do it later. In classes you’re surrounded by 20 sombelly-fatethings with already perky butts that make me feel less than.

Not long ago I was at one of those classes. It was the end of the class. We had just been jumping and  and twisting and sweating… a lot. We had just hit the floor mats to get to the core part of the exercise when my 3 year old came running over, looked me straight in my sweaty, nasty face and said, “You look beautiful, mama”… Those were the best core exercises I’ve ever done. He was the perfect reminder of why I do this… I am getting healthy not for me, not to look hot with a perky butt.. but so that I can be there for him. I’m already beautiful in the eyes of anyone who matters. I want to live long enough to be beautiful for my grandchildren too. Something my parents didn’t get to do. lose-belly-fat1

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